Pricing & FAQ

Small School
  • $120 $100 per student per year
  • Access to all credits with support
  • Only charged if student earns a credit
  • Limit of 25 students
Exclusive Rights
  • Unlimited students
  • New course development
  • Exclusive licensing rights
Run your own
  • One time payment
  • Unlimited students forever
  • Develop custom courses
  • 1 year product support

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chrome Academy reduce costs?

Chrome Academy is a unique program. Not only can it provide Chromebooks, tablets, and other technology for students, but it can also have a number of other desirable effects for schools.

  • Higher revenues. Since students can take more credits than would be otherwise possible, the revenue from credits earned greatly increases. For example: Chrome Academy 1 is 6 CEUs, while the cost of a Chromebook is often less than 1 CEU. Since a large number of students sign up and complete the course, it more than pays for itself.
  • Lower technology costs. Becoming a BYO-Device school can tremendously reduce the costs of acquiring and maintaining technology. Schools often keep their computers for far longer than the recommended 3-4 year cycle resulting in slow and frustrating technology. Bring-your-own-device solves this, as a student who earns a Chromebook in Grade 10 keeps it with him/her until they graduate. Fewer school computers are needed since students who don’t have a device can simply take Chrome Academy and get a tablet or Chromebook.
  • Lower class sizes. With the upcoming classes such as Spanish 10-3Y and Leadership 101, students can work on courses that may not be offered at their school. While these classes could be taken in addition to a full course load, they can also be taken on their own, reducing class sizes and providing students with options that they want to learn.
  • Increased graduation rate. One of my favorite things about Chrome Academy is that it has allowed several students who would not have graduated to reach the required number of credits. When a student realizes that they will not reach the 100 credits (or are missing some 30 level credits) they can sign up and work on Chrome Academy at their own pace until they meet the requirements.

What is the best option for a large school or division

If your school or division has a large amount of students, you may be interested in hiring me as a 1.0 FTE remote teacher. Not only will I run and develop online courses for your entire school or division, but you will have licensing rights to offer the programs to other schools for as long as I am in your employ.

Note: If signup is after the start of the school year I may not be able to offer this option until the following school year. If this is the case, you may hire me for whatever FTE portion remains and the licensing rights would commence at the start of the next school year.  

Why do you offer FTE based options?
I recently married a beautiful medical student from the United States. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to get a residency in Alberta, so rather than postpone our marriage, I left my ‘in-class’ job teaching physics, math, and Chrome Academy and moved to be with her.

Since we will be returning to Alberta after her commitments are completed, my first priority is to keep my foot in the door and continue working as a teacher for school(s) in Alberta. Even though it would be more lucrative to just sell licenses, I prefer to keep more of a traditional role. This is why I am offering exclusive right to the school or division that hires me on full time. I get the pensionable service of a 1.0 FTE and the division gets all the revenue and profits. It’s a win-win! 🙂  

What are your support hours?

Since this course is designed to be taken online at a student’s own pace, I allocate a number of hours for after school and on Saturday. I answer emails 6 days a week as soon as they come in, and if hired as a FTE, I typically grade assignments the same day a student submits them. In this way students receive timely feedback and alway get the help when they need it.

Even if you only sign up for a 1/8th or 1/4 FTE, you get the combined support hours from everyone who has hired me.

When a student needs help, I plan to be there ready.

How are grades submitted?

If hired as an FTE teacher, I grade assignments as soon as they come in, and report them when the student has either finished a course’s set of modules, or at the end of the semester or school year. As an FTE teacher I can enter them directly into Maplewood, Powerschool, or whatever other grade management system you use. I can also submit the grades in a spreadsheet.

If paying the flat rate $100 per student, I deliver grades in a spreadsheet, and final projects are graded by a teacher or substitute at your school.

For schools who are paying the one time $20,000 site license. I will setup a clone of Chrome Academy on your own server and the teacher of your choice can retrieve grades and grade final projects. It is a simple process and I will walk your teacher through it.

Do you offer a Home School program?

Yes! We understand the difficult circumstance that many home school families find themselves in. Since families don’t received the same funding as schools, we offer a modified program to provide the same high quality educational experience in a package better suited to family study. Please contact me for details.

Ready to begin?

You can call anytime at (403) 916-4668 or use the contact form below. If no phone number is provided I will respond by email.